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from our escapades in Oregon & Washington, 2014

camping the california, oregon and washington coast, 2014

FREE DOWNLOAD — new track from Wax & Batsauce, taken from their EP ‘The Soledad Brothers’ on Galapagos4

new video from the new ep... Love Liez with Qwazaar

love liez by qwazaar and batsauce from the upcoming ep ‘stress chasers’ to be released in jaunary 2014 on galapagos4


Qwazaar & Batsauce - Reach

Mesa Verde, Colorado 2013
Cape Meares Lighthouse Lantern, Oregon, 2013
The New Ride: 1980 Vanagon Camper Van
Washington, 2013
Wanapum Petroglyph, Ginko Petrified State Park, Wanapum Petroglyph, Washington, 2013
Dry Falls, Washington

Batsauce Mini-Mix Of Beats

a mini-mix I made exclusively for Tapeworm— all the beats were made from records I picked up in Poland

Old School, Graffiti, Berlin 2013
Berlin, 2013